Teaching is my passion. I've taught improv and acting internationally for over 15 years.

Classes in NYC

I currently teach classes in NYC at my theater company and school: The Brooklyn Comedy Collective.


Customized Workshops

I've travelled the world to teach workshops from Berlin to Bali, and I would love to customize a workshop for you.

For Theaters and Adult Improvisers

Intro to Improv: This class will introduce beginning improvisers to the value of saying “Yes, and” to every idea, especially their own, to become a joyful, fearless, and bold performers. Through games and exercises, this class will teach students the essentials of successful improvisation -- to think on their feet, react honestly, support scene partners and embrace taking risks. Whether you want to be a professional improviser or just enrich your life with trying something new, this class will boost your confidence and creativity in a safe, supportive environment. This class can culminate in a final improvised performance.

Burn Your Fear: This class aims to light your improvisation on fire. It will help remind you what you love about improv, slap you out of whatever fear is holding you back, and cut out the naysaying voices in your head that cloud your inspiration. We will look at how we sometimes censor or bail on our choices out of a need to make the “right choice" when improvising. Instead, let's agree that there is no right or wrong choice, only a weak or strong one, and see what happens when we give ourselves the freedom to simply trust and commit to whatever comes up.  We will marry a sense of playful abandonment with actionable techniques to start scenes boldly, live in the present, heighten them via specific and surprising choices, and employ context (who, what, where, when, why, etc.) without getting in our heads about it. This class will move quickly, keep you on your feet, and challenge you with personal feedback. Let's bring the whimsy to your make-em-ups! 

Advanced Scene Dynamics: This class builds on the baseline level of fearless playing, strong/specific choices, and ability to attack the stage. Now, we will challenge ourselves with advanced improv techniques, such as how to find the "edge" in every scene and take it from good to great, exploring the role of the individual role in an ensemble, living dangerously in the moment-to-moment instead of plotting ahead, authentically acting and grounding your characters, and diving into the dynamics that make up three-person and group scene work and longforms. Students will receive personal feedback based on their work in this class. Suitable for Intermediate-plus improvisers.

Creating Thru Improv: Is your worst nightmare as a writer staring at a blank page? If so, learn how to create content through improvisation. So often we judge our work before it's time to do so -- how many people do you know who've said they want to write a book, and how many actually have done it? In this workshop, we will withhold judgement during the ideating process, get out of our heads and on our feet, and improvise as much content as possible. Then, we'll see what we created in bulk and write down the ideas we want to develop. This class is open to those who consider themselves writers or improvisers or both of all experience levels. These tools will help you to create everything from personal narratives to sketch comedy and ensemble plays, and you will walk out of this workshop with actionable steps to get to work and create!

Music Improv - Finding the Form: This class will focus on Musical Improv: Form & Structure.  Students will learn how to create fully improvised songs, as a group and as individuals, that feature catchy choruses and compelling, rich verses with distinct melodies & lyrics.  The class will also explore how to frame satisfying one-act narratives, through plot and character, and the components that go into turning musical improv into a theatrical experience.

Musical Improv - Finding The Fun: Intermediate/Advanced music improv performers focus so much on learning the form; we sometimes forget to have fun. If you’re nailing the technical elements - like song structure, rhyming, and creating a narrative - but you're missing the laughs, then this class will help you play with abandonment. We will let go of doing music improv "correctly" and instead focus on making strong, specific choices from your gut, thereby surprising yourself and your audience. Rediscover the joy of musical improv!

Previous Places I've Taught: Annoyance Theatre NY, Second City Theatricals (NCL Epic), C3 Improv (London), Bristol Improv Theater (UK), Improv Theater Israel (Tel Aviv), Ubud Comedy Games (Bali), International Theatre Stockholm,Presens Impro (Stockholm), Gbgimpro (Gothemburg),Improv Iceland (Iceland), AMS Improtheater Bremen (Germany), Bake This (Munich), Hive Improv (Berlin), Comedy Cafe (Berlin), Improv Italia (Rome), Steel City Improv (Pittsburgh), NYU, Bard College (NY), National College Comedy Festival (Sarasota Springs), Syracuse Improv Collective, Syracuse University, Mettlesome (North Carolina), BATS (San Francisco), Endgames Improv (San Francisco), PHIT Comedy Theatre (Philly), Good Good Comedy Theatre (Philly), Revelry Theater (Vermont), Improv Boston, Boston University, Laugh Index Theatre (D.C.), Barnard College (NYC), Voodoo Comedy Collective (Pittsburgh), Oberlin College Improv Conference, Grinnell College (Iowa), Comedysportz Seattle, Happier Valley Comedy, Planet Ant, and more.

We hired Philip to teach his Musical Improv and Burn Your Fear workshops at International Theater Stockholm and we absolutely loved both of them! Philip is an inspiring, encouraging teacher committed to his students’ growth. He has a deep knowledge about improv and musical improv and was able to transfer a lot of his knowledge and points of view in a structured and pedagogic way. He is great at giving constructive feedback while encouraging students to question concepts and think independently. His genuinely warm and friendly teaching style made everyone feel safe and encouraged to really challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone. If you are thinking of hiring Philip Markle or taking one of his workshops, do it! You won’t be disappointed!
— Katarina Wahlberg, Co-Founder and General Manager, International Theater Stockholm

For Businesses, Organizations, and Universities

Collaborative Creation: We improvise every day just interacting with one another and navigating our complex world. This workshop will teach the skills of successful improvisation -- fearlessly taking risks, withholding judgment, and engaging enthusiastically with every idea -- and apply them to your work environment. You will take away actionable tools for expressing yourself more confidently and creating more effectively as a team -- and have fun doing so in a safe, fast-paced, low-pressure environment. This workshop can be taught in hands-on sessions with smaller groups or in large interactive group presentations.

Previous Clients: Google, Palantir, Ernst & Young, Columbia University Office of Alumni and Development, Columbia School of Business, Morgan Stanley, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, American Express Global Marketing Operations, School of Visual Arts (SVA), Yext, Zazoom Media, Ready Set Rocket, IVY: The Social University, Fashion Institute of Technology, East Harlem Scholars, Footlocker (Six02), Creative Outlets Series @ Riker’s Island Correctional, Aria Development Group, and more.

Philip joined our Google team for an afternoon activity. Call it ‘team building’, ‘having fun’, ‘introduction to improv’, or all of the above: we got it. Working with a group of Google engineers, in a middle-of-the-day improv/fun/team activity is a great challenge - and Philip was able to meet and exceed our expectations. The activity was fun, engaging, made us feel good, laugh and work as a team. I would dare to say that most of us got some important life learnings about communication, collaboration, behavior and ‘be yourself’ as part of this activity. Thank you, Philip, for joining us and working with us, and thank you for bringing a different perspective to our day.
— Avi Shai, Engineering Director, Google

For Schools and Young Actors

Acting Through Imagination (Ages 7-12): Young actors will embark on a journey through the imagination, bringing stories to life using the magic of theatre. Students will learn to act using their full body, voice, and imagination through theater games, improvisation, and by re-imagining adventures faced by characters in classic stories. The final class will culminate in a performance, collaboratively created by the students, open to family and friends.

Joyful Improv (Ages 13-17): Let’s make-up ten characters in a minute - Go! If that sounds fun to you, then take this class and learn the value of saying “Yes, and” to every idea, especially their own, to become a joyful, fearless, and bold improvisers. Through games and exercises, this class will teach students the essentials of successful improvisation -- to think on their feet, react honestly, support scene partners and embrace taking risks. Whether you dream of being a professional improviser or just want to enrich your life with trying something new, this class will boost your confidence and creativity in a safe, supportive environment. This class can culminate in a final improvised performance for friends and family. 

Previous Schools I've taught with: Katie’s Art Project, Actors Training Center, New Trier High School, Highland Park High School, Baker Demonstration School, American Conservatory Theatre, Vector Theatre Conservatory, Marin Shakespeare, Wilmette Jr. High School, Romona Elementary School, Haven Middle School, and more.

When my son took your improv class in the spring of his fifth grade year — his first acting class ever — he was a bit of a lost soul, struggling to find his talent and his passion. Working with you has transformed him. He has gained self-confidence and a work ethic and a passion that we never knew he possessed. He, and we, will always be grateful for your support of him.
— Parent of Student

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