Corporate Workshop Testimonials

"I found Philip's improv workshop to be an incredible experience, and the skills you presented were very much applicable to the consulting world." -Tim Stansel, Executive Director, Human Capital, Ernst & Young.

"We hired Philip Markle for a corporate team building event with a group from one of the "Big 4" Consulting Firms who had no experience whatsoever with improv. Before they knew it, the team was enjoying themselves. Philip is a dynamic workshop leader who knows how to make any group communicate better, and most importantly, have fun while doing it." - Lauren Adler, Global Account Manager, Ernst & Young

"Philip led a fantastic improv session for us. It was engaging, dynamic, and kept the session brisk and relevant to our work — no small feat at the tail end of a half-day meeting in a room of nearly 400 people! I’d highly recommend Philip to anyone looking to bring fun and energy into a professional event." -Elizabeth Braden, Senior Deputy Vice President for Operations, Office of Alumni and Development, Columbia University.

"Philip’s improv workshop offered our team great advice on improving self-awareness, teamwork and brainstorming activities. I would recommend it to any business owner as a fun team-building exercise!"  -Aaron Harvey, Co-Founder, Ready Set Rocket.

"Philip, I wanted to reach out and say thank you. Really enjoyed being part of the second class, your workshop and know the students truly enjoyed the experience and time with you in the studio. - Nathan Fox, Chair, MFAVN Dept. School of Visual Arts."

"Had a great time at the workshop - Philip did a great job of getting everyone involved and in relating improv techniques he taught us to the rest of our lives. I would highly recommend the class to anyone looking to improve their communication skills & to any workplace looking to bring their team members closer together in a fun and enlightening environment." - Gareth P., Ready Set Rocket.

"I had so much fun!  I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how some of they key concepts behind successful improv directly translate to the business world. Philip did a great job facilitating and making sure everyone was having fun and comfortable." - Lynn Mione, Partner Operations Lead, Yext.

"I absolutely enjoyed Philip' Improv Workshop. It's amazing how the various activities helped us become more effective by being relaxed, fun, creative, attentive and encouraging. I wish I could pick just one best part.. one of the major take-away is how we respond with a 'Yes, and' instead of 'No, but' can make a lot of difference." - Ritika S., Ready Set Rocket.

Improv Student Testimonials

"Philip’s workshop was outstanding. He’s passionate about what he does and he knows his stuff. Also, Philip is very funny himself. He broke down the ideas clearly, everyone had fun, and he successfully got the students in the workshop I participated in to joyfully challenge their comfort level. I cannot recommend him highly enough." - Alex Grindeland, Owner & Manager, ComedySportz Seattle. 

"I brought Philip in to work with a group of improvisers with experience ranging from 6 months to 16 years. His teaching style was effortless and engaging and despite the large size of our group he was able to provide excellent individual notes and feedback. The students are still abuzz about how they learned to burn their fear and would jump at the opportunity to work with him again." - Mike Borden, Education Coordinator, Syracuse Improv Collective

"Philip's workshop was great for getting out of your head and performing without restraint. He helps you remember that nothing really matters, so you can finally just go for it. In his workshop we were amazed by where everyones crazy brains took us. It was super fun!" - Kate Bryant, Founder, Good Good Comedy Theatre

“Philip brings the passion and energy to take you by the collar and shake the improv out of you. Players who are often timid were leaping on stage in a frenzy. All the while we hit the marks for a good understanding of improv. Excellent instructor and performer.” — Chris J. Rock, Director, Hive Improv Berlin

"Philip Markle's biggest strength is he is able to remind you what you love about improv and what you love about your self. He has the unique ability to slap you out of whatever is killing your improv buzz, cuts away all the crap till everything is fun again." - Student

"Philip was persistent in coaching and directing students to improve their technique. Most instructors will advise a student two or three times on a particular point and then give up on that student. Philip was relentless, patient and pleasant. Philip's love of improv permeated each session of the workshop."  - Bob Makarowski, Student

"If you are looking for improv heart liberation, find a way to learn from Philip Markle. He is so special and will lovingly smack your improv heart free! Run, I tell you into his wise, silly, joyful, improv brilliant arms."  - Tessa Hersh, Student.

"Philip is a keen observer, he simatenously tailors his notes to the individual and extrapolates them to the group. My favorite thing though, is he'll jump into a scene and throw something at you rather than just talk at you." - Student

"His greatest strengths are explaining concepts, supporting all improvisers in the class, and creating an environment conducive to learning and having fun with improv, aka everything." Student

"I did a complete 180 as an improviser and probably a person through this class. He presented strong lesson plans with actionable takeaways." Student

“Not to geek out too hard but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate. What has in the past been a stressful and heady class experience, you made FUN and free of anxiety.” Student

"He obviously giving a fuck about teaching, knowing a ton about the pedagogy and improv theory and giving frank opinions about what he feels helps students develop their talents well." Student

"Philip nails what you need to work on, and gives you feedback that's usable. Also, he creates a very 'safe' space so you don't feel insecure. He really seemed to care about making us better." Student

“I had been feeling very much in my head, almost burdened by improv, and your workshop was an exercise in rediscovering the reasons I love improv to begin with." Student

“You motivate me so much, in how great a performer you are, how effective a teacher you are, and how warm a person you are."Student

“You up got me out of a pretty significant improv slump (the kind the artistic director calls you into his office to talk about), and I'd been yearning for more of that free play. So thank you thank you thank you, and I hope to work with you more in the future. It was a truly joyful and enriching experience. Student

"Philip Markle has that rare blend of passion, intellect, talent and, above all, heart -- there is no finer teacher for actors in Chicago." - David H. Bell, Professor of Musical Theatre, Northwestern University

"Philip Markle is the perfect teacher as he combines immense talent, unique vision and a passion for the work as well as a joy in creating that is unquestionably contagious.  For a relatively young artist, Mr. Markle is wise far beyond his years and yet retains a wondrous native childishness - the true formula for genius." -Craig Slaight, Director, Young Conservatory, American Conservatory Theater.

"You have opened my eyes into the wonderful world of improv. The skills you have taught me have helped me so much whether I mess up a line, my partner messes up a line or if I am just asked to improv. I can flat out guarantee that every single person who took a class from you, remembers your spunky and creative teaching skills and they probably also remember the ALWAYS wonderful, Philip Sparkle! I have learned so much from you that I think I won’t ever be able to express it in words. You are fabulous, smart, innovative, soon-to-be famous and just amazing.” – Young Student

“When my son took your improv class in the spring of his fifth grade year -- his first acting class ever -- he was a bit of a lost soul, struggling to find his talent and his passion. The past 2 1/2 years, working with you, has transformed him. He has gained self-confidence and a work ethic and a passion that we never knew he possessed. He, and we, will always be grateful for your support of him. His favorite thing of all has been studying improv." - Parent of Student