You Have To Open Your Hand

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Do you understand?

You’re not behind.

You haven’t missed the boat.


It’s ok.

You are only what you make of yourself, minus what you think you need to be.


Happiness is life minus your expectations.

You’re doing great.

And who cares if you’re not.

You don’t have some minimum to meet at the bar.

Your life isn’t up to what you’d tip for it.

So be happy and content, even as you ponder what you want.

For the world is what you make of it.

Don’t torment yourself over feeling sad,

Or pine for the things you lack.

It doesn’t help to moan and wish.

It will come to you when you don’t search for it.

In time. With patience. With love.

Unclench that fist.

Because in order to receive,

You have to open your hand.